Hurricane Preparedness

Hurricane Season in Florida is from June 1st through November 30th.  During this time, homeowner's must be ready prior to any storm threat and in many cases, may only have a few days notice.  Estate Property Management (EPM) offers Hurricane Preparation Services to alleviate the stress of protecting your property before, during, and after the storm.  We offer Hurricane Evaluations to assess your home for what is currently in place and any added protection needed. Our services include installation and removal of storm shutters before and after the storm, removal of debris, and assessing any damage which may have occurred. We will stay in communication with our clients and are ready to assist in any way.

We offer:

  • Home Preparation Inspection

  • Storm Shutter Install

  • Damage Assessment after the Storm

  • Repair  


A few Helpful Tips:

  • Create an Emergency Plan

  • Gather Emergency Supplies 

  • Review Evacuation Orders Issued by Local Authorities

  • Protect Your Property


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